I love frames! After years of collecting them personally, I began stripping and re-painting them to suit the style artwork I wanted to hang. I enjoyed crafter's events and bought a lot of local art and eventually had my own pile of 8x10 prints I did not know what to do with - a predicament I solved using 100% recycled materials.

Be Bold began as the solution to hanging my art collection for a reasonable price and quickly became a restored, antique/vintage style framing business with custom artwork. I was proudly involved in the Halifax Crafters Society for several years and represented in cool shops like Fancy Lucky Vintage and Plan B Halifax.

Almost everything used in the process in terms of hardware and materials was second hand or re-purposed. The artwork is digitally printed with environmentally friendly inks and FSC stock paper. Framed and custom items such as cork/bulletin boards, jewelry displays and chalkboards are also made with second hand materials. Loose prints, postcards, notepads, stickers, fridge magnets and bound books were also available.


Designs that motivate you! I have personally found a lot of inspiration when a simple prompt or subject leads the artwork or activity, so I created a book that does just that. Along with a tough love approach to To Do lists, custom note pads, postcards, and a series of stickers featuring beautiful hiking trails of Nova Scotia.